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I'm Sandy.

I'm the creator of and have been a business consultant for more than ten years. I am originally from China. My family moved to Australia from Belgium in 2016. I have also lived in Auckland, the beautiful city of New Zealand, for more than ten years. I love all the places that I have lived. Each of those places has its unique characters and beauty. I established and operated my own business in all those counties where I have lived. Now I am sharing my business knowledge and providing business consulting services to people with a business mind.

I help potential entrepreneurs set up or buy a business. I help business owners with their tech needs in digital business. I have more than ten years of business experience with strong business analytical skills. I constantly educate, refine and drive myself toward a better business professional. I will be able to help you to save your time and money and help you build your business toward success.  

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. Reach out if you want to talk about your business development, are looking for cooperation, or simply are at the point don't know where to get help.  

Good luck with your business journey in this beautiful country.


  • We are a group of professionals in the business world, offering professional service at an affordable price to small businesses.

  • We provide a step-by-step guide to small business owners. We understand all digital disciplines and how to apply them in the modern business world.


Digital technology solutions should be available and affordable to all small businesses and be able to help these businesses to grow.


  • Fearless

  • Take action

  • Create more efficient work processes and have better productivity and performance.


To lead the way for small businesses to enter the modern business world and help them to grow.

MyBiz123 Solution

We combine expertise in business strategy, online marketing and customer experience with modern digital technologies to help small business owners build a suitable digital business model to drive their future success.

Most business founders are professionals in their chosen field. Working in their professional field comes naturally but running the business is a lot more challenging. There’s too much more to learn beyond their expertise, and there simply isn’t enough time every day.

That’s where MyBiz123 comes in.

  • We start by helping you set up your business and build a website for your online presence. Then, we will work together to develop the digital business model tailored for your business and provide training to help you operate all implemented software and toolkit.

  • We also provide digital marketing services to help you obtain more customers or enhance the customer experience to retain them.

  • Our membership resource center provides ongoing training and unlimited template download for operating your business effectively.

  • We deliver high-quality digital advisory services at affordable prices to Australian Small Businesses.

  • We aspire to be the starting place for Australian small businesses and startups seeking help to start, grow and succeed.


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Things To Know

It takes special people with a knack for seeing the big picture before it even occurs. That’s what you do when you start up a business.

Tailored design and clear guides to help you to make your entrepreneur dream come true, that’s what we do.

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